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who we are

The RM Group was established to provide industry-leading products and services to federal, state, and local government agencies. We develop solutions based on client requirements leveraging our valued partnerships across multiple industries.

Our Services

The RM Group’s values are the foundation of our work, this core philosophy drives the RM Group and its employees to deliver above and beyond our clients’ expectations.


We are committed to providing only the products & services that our clients need. We believe that honesty is how to truly satisfy clients.


We work together with our clients to ensure objectives & expectations are fulfilled through a collaborative & cooperative approach.


We facilitate consistent communication with our clients regarding all project components, like schedules, pricing, and changes.


Our team is committed to performing consistent, exceptional, and accurate work. We only make promises we can keep.


Our focus on core products & services gives us the knowledge needed to educate our clients. We are dedicated to growth & education.

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